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Trends in Data Centre Management

Technivo’s Nick Powis polishes off his crystal ball and predicts five developments in Data Centre management in the coming twelve months…

The space required for data centres globally will continue to grow. No surprises here: more data centres have been built over the last five years than ever before and the trend looks set to continue, with the 2 billion square feet barrier currently forecast to be breached early next year. That’s nearly 23,000 football pitches, or almost ten times the area of Wales…

Funnily enough though, the number of data centres globally has probably just about peaked. What that means is that data is being consolidated into fewer ‘megacentres’ – a trend led by the likes of Google and Microsoft. Industry watchdog IDC says there are around 8.6 million data centres in the world in 2017. How do they know?

The movement to outsourcing will continue. The demand for increased flexibility in recent years means that businesses have preferred to outsource as much as possible – and that includes facilities management and services such as technical cleaning and maintenance. It won’t be long before the majority of large businesses pay someone else to do their infrastructure management: if it’s time for your business to consider outsourcing, you need to speak to Technivo.

Demand for specific roles will change. Data science has been the go-to profession in data centre management for a number of years, but the growth of automation and the increasing prevalence of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that data engineers and IoT architects are coming to the fore.

And finally… On the subject of automation, it’s coming to data centre cleaning and maintenance too. Here at Technivo we’re working hard to develop automated task management systems that will help our people do their job more effectively, in turn making your business more efficient. Give me a call on 01428 714770 and I’ll be delighted to tell you what it can all mean for your business.


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