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How was it for you? Technivo’s 2017 report card, and a sneak peek at what’s coming in 2018 (and beyond)

With 2018 well and truly under way we’re going to spend a few moments taking stock of what we achieved at Technivo in 2017 – and flagging up some of the exciting developments we’ve got up our sleeves for this year and beyond.

Last year saw Technivo achieve its fifth consecutive year of growth, both in terms of staff and turnover. We retained existing relationships with 100% of our clients, many of those relationships now more than five years old in themselves, and we welcomed a healthy number of new clients too. Most of those new clients came to us as a result of word of mouth: we’re delighted that our existing clients have been the source of the vast majority of Technivo’s growth to date and we very much hope things stay that way for us. We did significantly raise our profile online in 2017 however, with traffic to our website increasing by a whopping 800%, and a number of major new clients either asked us to tender for contracts, or awarded us contracts in the year.

Another key development from last year that we’re planning to continue with in 2018 is our work for clients based outside the UK. This was a real growth area for us in 2017, which saw Technivo get asked to carry out technical cleaning and maintenance work for clients in the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland to name but two. All work was carried out using full-time Technivo employees and clients reported 100% satisfaction levels: demand for our services from outside the UK is so strong that we’re in the process of planning a permanent presence in more than one EU market.

These are exciting times to be in our business, and Technivo continues to thrive: call Nick Powis now on 01428 714770 if you’d like to be part of the Technivo success story in 2018…



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