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March 1, 2019
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September 3, 2019
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Technical Cleaning: A Dummies’ Guide

Here at Technivo we love chatting to our clients about their needs, and to prospective new clients about the way they work and what we can do for them. But without meaning to be rude, we’ve noticed we get asked the same questions all the time… So we thought we’d feature a couple of the most common questions in our blog, along with abridged versions of the answers we always give: who knows, maybe by doing so we can help everyone understand the importance of what we do…

It looks clean to me. Isn’t it clean enough? No, is the short answer. The dust you sometimes see on floors and other surfaces when the vacuum hasn’t been used frequently enough is only the tip of the iceberg, especially when it comes to environments where critical and sensitive electronic equipment is sited. If the air in those environments is contaminated – and it will be unless you have it properly de-contaminated on an on-going basis – then your sensitive electronic equipment won’t be working properly, which means you’re using more energy and putting your business at risk.

Where does it all come from?! Well a lot of it comes from you, unfortunately, and your colleagues, in the form of dead skin cells, hair and textile fibres and so on. Then there’s the food and drink they bring into the building, the fibres from the paper they use in their work, and of course the dust mites that feed off all this lovely stuff. Luckily there are a few things you can do to help: get everyone to wash their hands, use hand sanitiser gel, keep food out of the workplace and tell people to stay at home when they’re sick. And call Technivo on 01428 714770 to discuss a proper on-going programme of critical environment maintenance for your business…

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