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June 3, 2019
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Tech Cleaning by Robots: Coming Soon?

Robots that help in the home and garden are nothing new: we’ve all seen them, from the lawnmowers that get to work on the grass while you sit in the deckchair with the Sunday papers, to the industrious robotised vacuum cleaners that scurry round the house when we’re out at work. So are there the equivalents of these robots in the commercial world? Will it soon be curtains for the likes of the highly-skilled and experienced technical cleaning operators deployed by Technivo to maintain clinically clean environments on our clients’ server rooms, data centres and other sensitive areas?

Well the sector is making some steps towards automation, but maybe not in the way you might expect. Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) has become something of a buzz phrase in our industry in recent years and it encompasses a whole range of tools designed to optimise the storage and access of data. Monitoring and sensor tools and systems are key elements of a DCIM strategy, and while in the past this has meant the monitoring of factors such as power consumption and heat dissipation, the physical monitoring of the environment in which these sensitive pieces of equipment operate is now being undertaken on an automated basis.

Technivo meanwhile are leading the field with the development of automated task management systems that will help our people do their job more effectively, which in turn will make your business more efficient. It might be a while yet until we send out fleets of mop-wielding robots in our place, but automation is very definitely a big part of our business today! Give Nick Powis a call on 01428 714770 and he’ll be delighted to tell you what it can all mean for your business.


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