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April 5, 2018
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March 1, 2019
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A lot more than just cleaning your phones…

Unlike many of our competitors – most of which grew out of desktop telephone sanitisation businesses – Technivo has always offered a full range of technical cleaning and maintenance products and services. Here’s a five-minute round-up of what we do for our clients today.

Data Centre Environment Management: Technivo provide Data Centre operators with a whole range of specialist deep cleaning services, including the cleaning of floor surfaces and voids, trunking, ducting, lighting systems, air conditioning systems and so on. We’re particularly good at taking care of areas of high sensitivity – including EUC computing equipment, IT componentry, servers and similar. We can work on a one-off basis or tailor-make an on-going maintenance programme to ensure your critical environment achieves ISO 14644-1 standards.

Exterior and Interior Technical Cleaning: Technivo has full high level capability and can offer technical cleaning including the deep cleaning of back-up generators, HV areas and building fascias. All our staff are IPAF accredited and we use the full range of plant as required.

Data Centre Support Services: If you’re planning construction work this year then Technivo can provide decontamination and environment management services before, during and after that work. We can also carry out controlled management of sensitive server hardware, and we offer a range of power and environmental audits for businesses of every scale.

Oh and along with all this, we can come along and deep-clean your IT equipment – and your phones – too of course! Call Technivo now on 01428 714770 if you’re thinking it’s time to change your existing supplier arrangements.

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