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November 4, 2016
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August 21, 2017
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Hygiene for Dummies: Five Tips for Keeping your Tech Equipment Clean (and Saving Money)

Whether or not you use specialist tech cleaners to keep your workplace IT equipment sparkling clean, there’s plenty you can be doing every day to keep the germs at bay. Here are Technivo’s five most basic tips for workplace hygiene.

CLEAN HANDS Rocket science it ain’t: wash your hands after going to the loo and you’re doing the most basic thing possible to keep your working environment clean and productive. If you can remember to use hand sanitiser it’s even better: just twice a day will make a big difference.

GO OUT FOR LUNCH A 2012 study found that 47% of US office workers ate their lunch at their workstation – with the stomach-turning result that the average computer keyboard was found to be carrying 400 times more dangerous bacteria than the average public toilet seat… So go out for lunch if you can (it’s good to take a break anyway) – and if you absolutely must eat at your desk, make sure you wash your hands before and after (see above), keep your keyboard out of the way and tidy up when you’ve finished!

HOT DESKING = BAD It may be trendy but the practice of ‘hot desking’ is an extraordinarily efficient way to spread bacteria around an office. Try to keep your hands limited to your own desk and IT equipment if you can.

DUVET DAYS This is a tricky one: offices are almost perfect environments for cross-contamination so if you know you’re not well, stay at home! Like you however, we work in the real world and know it’s not always possible to stay in bed, however sensible it might be. If you have to go in when you’re sick, take the hand sanitiser and some anti-bacterial wipes with you and use them, all the time…

GET PROPERLY CLEAN However many anti-bac wipes you use, however much hand gel you get through, you won’t see what’s really damaging to you, your health and the health of your business: ‘clean-looking’ just doesn’t cut it. Losing key people to illness can cost your business thousands, but for just a few quid for each workstation you can keep your workplace properly, clinically clean.

Call Technivo on 01428 714770 for a no-obligation chat about how we can help your business get properly clean.



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