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July 21, 2017
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Global Data Centre Growth Shines Spotlight on Tech Cleaning Sector

Cars that drive themselves, refrigerators that re-stock themselves, energy meters that tell you how much you’re spending every day… As automation takes hold it’s sometimes hard to predict what’s coming next, and what the implications of the next leap forward are going to be. But one thing is crystal clear: the more everyday tasks are automated, the more data there’s going to be generated, and that data needs to be moved, stored and protected like never before.

All that data will inevitably end up in a data centre somewhere, and of course the more data there is, the more data centre construction there will be: US industry commentator Data Center Dynamics reported recently that the global data centre construction market will grow from a not-inconsiderable $15bn in 2015 to more than $22bn in just five years, with major players such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and HP shifting strategy to manage data in relatively fewer places, but on a gigantic scale in those places.

And where you’ve got data, you need a rigorously-maintained physical environment otherwise you’re risking catastrophically expensive server down-time (just ask British Airways, whose IT outage in May 2017 is estimated to have cost the company upwards of £100m). All of which means there’s a new emphasis on the hitherto-unsung backroom operators of the technical cleaning market: influential data management and cloud computing website Data Energy reported earlier this year that acquisitive UK-based facilities services provider ABM had snapped up a technical cleaning business and it won’t be the last to do so.

In an era where data is increasingly King, keeping the data centre clinically, technically clean is more important than ever. Give Technivo a call on 01428 714770 now if you’re not completely sure that you’re doing the right thing to protect your data (and your business): we’ll be happy to give you the benefit of our experience.


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